WIN 100 CDs of your Music

CD competition

We’ve teamed up with for this great prize of 100 professionally printed & burned CDs of the winning artist’s music to sell or distribute as they wish. The winner can sell their CDs for however much they want; £10 each equates to £1000 income! The prize will be given to a reviewing band/artist picked at random from the reviews on our website! 

Only 1 account must be made per band or artist and at least 2 venue reviews must be completed (both star rating and at least 100 word text review). Reviews must be genuine experiences & comply with all of our Terms of Service found at
The winning band will be entitled to 100 white CDs with full colour digital print, duplication & PVC wallets of their single, EP or album. Any upgrades, cases or extras will need to be requested by the artists to Promodiscs and will be at the artist’s expense. Prize does not include postage. The winning band/artist must own copyright to any audio and visual material printed/burned on the CDs.


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